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Exotic plants such as the cyclamen and rubber plant have been popular as house plants in this country for many years. But now, as the variety of exotic fruits for sale increases, interest has extended to the cultivation of rather more unusual tropical and subtropical plants with perhaps the bonus of a harvest of rare fruit.

Although the opportunity to grow such plants has become much more widely available, the literature until now has provided instructions which mainly refer to cultivation in the plants' original habitats. The author of this book, however, has spent many years growing the plants discussed in a temperate region, and the guidelines here are all based on his long experience of the best conditions for successful growth in this type of climate. The book, complete with full-colour illustrations, describes how to cultivate 70 different species of useful exotic plants, with detailed information on soil, water and feeding requirements as well as instructions for propagation and, where relevant, harvesting. It will prove an invaluable guide to those interested in growing anything from a coconut palm to a kiwi plant.

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